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"Vehicles are heading back to the garage"
—John Ray Arnold(src)

The Garage is where Jurassic Park vehicles were kept during their tenure at Jurassic Park. According to a novel description, there were at least 14 Land Cruisers (the custom Toyota Land Cruisers) parked in the garage, and two Jeeps, but in the movie canon this can be debatable.

Vehicles housed within the GarageEdit



  • According to a description, the garage is located under the visitor center and is accessible from the control room via an underground passage. Though in Jurassic World, the Garage seems to be located beside or behind the Visitor Center on ground level. In the film, the Garage is through the double doors that are seen in Jurassic Park and are known to-be the entrance to the Dining Room so presumbely the Garage is near the Kitchen.
  • In the novel, they have more Land Cruisers than Jeeps, but in the movies, they have more Jeeps than Explorers.

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