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"It's a birdcage."
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Zach and Gray in Gyrosphere 07 among the herbivores.

Gyrosphere 07 was the gyrosphere used by Zach and Gray Mitchell.


Gyrosphere 07 was used by Zach and Gray on their visit to Jurassic World. Zack and Gray saw an opening in the perimeter fence and went in where they saw several Ankylosaurus. While in there, the park's newest attraction, Indominus rex attacked. The Ankylosaurs ran to avoid the fight, hitting the Gyrosphere on their way, but the Indominus rex was able to get one, although it put up a fight and even smacked the I. rex in the head, but the I. rex slashes its legs and flips the Ankylosaurus over and beheads it. The Indominus resumed attacking the two brothers by piercing her mid talon into the glass and rotating it so the boys could see their demise. She then attempted to swallow the Gyrosphere whole but gets her mouth stuck, but attempts to smash it several times into the ground to crack it open, And that allowed the two brothers to escape by getting out of their damaged Gyrosphere and jumping off a waterfall. Later, the damaged Gyrospere was discovered by Owen and Claire.


Zach and Gray escape the Gyrosphere attack (just!)


  • Gyrosphere 07 is the first Gyro in the park's history, to be destroyed by a Carnivore.

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