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"We got another hadro dead."
Robert Muldoon(src)

    HD/09 was the designation for a Hadrosaurus juvenile that lived in the Sauropod Paddock.


HD/09 was created not too long before the InGen Incident on inside a labortory on Isla Sorna like the others of her species before she was transported to the neighboring island of Isla Nublar.[1] She was placed in the Sauropod Paddock with other hadrosaurs[2]

During the InGen Incident Rexy, Jurassic Park's adult Tyrannosaurus rex killed her. Her carcass was later scavenged by Othnielia and her corpse was eventually discovered by Robert Muldoon who reported her death to John Arnold.[2]

Her remains were destroyed by the Costa Rica Napalm Bombing.[3]


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