Hamachi was one of several Japanese investment consortia and underwriters that helped fund International Genetic Technologies. According to Donald Gennaro, InGen's legal counsel, Hamachi was one of their principle supporters, and was the main company that began growing uneasy in 1989, after the deaths of several workmen. As a result, they demanded an on-site inspection, resulting in the Isla Nublar Incident. Apparently, they also manufactured InGen's Hamachi-Hood gene sequencers for their genetic labs as mentioned in both the first and second novels.


  • Hamachi was not the only Japanese company to manufacture InGen's gene sequencers, as in The Lost World, Ian Malcolm states that the gene sequencers on Isla Sorna were Nishihara-made.
  • The company was branched with Hood, assuming the contributer to be Leroy Hood, who revolutioned the gene sequencer 


  • "The Hamachi-Hood gene sequencers were fat boxes in dirty white casings, terribly heavy and damnably expensive." -John Hammond, in an unused quote from Jurassic Park: Trespasser
  • "But Hamachi is one of our principal investors. I got a report last week from Hamachi's representative in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. According to the report, some new kind of lizard is biting children on the coast." -Donald Gennaro, in Jurassic Park
  • "The boxes along the walls are all Hamachi-Hood automated gene sequencers. They are being run, at very high speed, by the Cray XMP supercomputers, which are the towers in the middle of the room. In essence, you are standing in the middle of an incredibly powerful genetics factory." -Henry Wu, in Jurassic Park