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Hammond's Bungalow  was the personal and unique residence of John Hammond on Isla Nublar in the Jurassic Park novel. It contained a small living room with a coffee table, and six video monitors that displayed animals around the park. It also had an elegant dining room and bedroom, with an almost Japanese styled design. It was located in the nothern sector of the park, within a palm tree grove in the Visitor Area.

The abode contained a small staff. Such staff included Marìa, a Hatian cook who would make and serve Hammond's delicious ginger ice cream. Hammond spent most of the InGen Incident either here or in the Safari Lodge. After the main power is restored Hammond attempts to take a walk to his Bungalow, but is frightend by a juvenile Tyrannosaur recording and falls down a hill, breaking his ankle. Hammond still attempts to crawl to the safety of his residence, but is ultimately killed by a pack of Procompsognathids. It is unknown if the staff survived the accident.


  • It is mentioned extremely briefly in the film, when Lex is trying to reboot
    Hammond's Lodge

    File for Hammond's Lodge as seen on the UNIX System

    the system. On the moniter, one of the buildings is referred to as "Hammond's Lodge" which is presumably the film's version of his bungalow.
  • The park's plans referred to as "Hammond Res." which is short for "Hammond Residence".