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Hammond (chapter)
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The chapter Hammond is the primary introductive chapter of John Hammond. As Gennaro remembers, the chapter explains the foundation of International Genetic Technologies, it's investors and creditors, and its ambitious founder himself, John Hammond.


The chapter opens with Gennaro rushing out of his office at the Law Offices of Cowan, Swain and Ross, his secretary quickly packing for him. Gennaro is annoyed with the business trip; he's missing his daughter's birthday party, and his wife was quite angered with him. Gennaro boards the Gulfstream II Jet, InGen's corporate jet, and reviews the park's topics. Originally, they had planned on twelve animals, but Hammond explains they're far beyond that, far beyond that. They have 238 animals in Hammond's park. Gennaro, in disbelief, begins to remember one of his first assignments back around 1983. He remembered Hammond carrying around a dwarf-sized elephant in a little cage, in which he would show investors, and ask for money. Between September 1983 and November 1985, John Alfred Hammond's "Pachyderm Portfolio" had raised over 870 million dollars in foreign Venture Capital, mostly from Japanese Investors Hamaguri and Densaka.

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