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Hammond II
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The chapter Hammond II is about the ironic demise of the infamous and brilliant John Hammond. In the previous chapter, Hammond had gone for a stroll to his Bungalow but had been frightened by the roar of the Juvenile Tyrannosaur, later to be revealed his grandchildren screwing around with the park's ambient sound system. And Hammond, in his panic, had fallen down a hillside and broken his right ankle.


The chapter opens with John Hammond sitting on the damp hillside, panting. He is beginning to become concerned, and has started to move towards his bungalow, even on a broken ankle. However, a large pack of Procompsognathus begin to gather, and Hammond vaguely remembers that they prey on crippled animals, using their narcotic venom to paralyze the prey. His attempts to fight back are in vain, as he eventually falls into a deep, unforgiving, unconsciousness.

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