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    Harvey Jason as a British actor who portrayed Ajay Sidhu in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

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The Lost World: Jurassic ParkEdit

Harvey Jason was chosen to play Ajay Sidhu in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Ajay is the best friend of Roland Tembo. Jason's agent got a call and asked him to send a tape for The Lost World. At the time he was lined up for another movie. Steven Spielberg loved the tape and when he called a woman and asked if he got the part so he could tell the other people. At the time he didn't know it was Jurassic Park's sequel.[1]

Jason talked about his experience on the set with Jurassic Cast. He commented on how everyone was very nice, there was no clash of personality's. It was a very pleasant experience, really fun to shoot, and there was no arguments between cast and crew. Steven Spielberg was very friendly and just very imaginative. He said that Stan Winston a genius, always on set, and a very friendly person.[1]

Jason did tell us it was originally supposed to be shot in Australia. However Spielberg's wife had a baby and he didn't want to be too far away, so they shot in California and then finished up the movie in Hawaii.[1]

Steven once gave a barbecue in the woods during shooting. The crew took very good care of us, for example in the rain they would give us blankets etc. When they stayed in Hawaii, they all stayed in the same resort, so it was very friendly.[1]

The deleted scene in which Roland fought a few men at a bar was deleted because Steven didn't like the background and didn't like the fight. Peter Postlethwaite, who played Roland Tembo, got very close. They were best friends throughout shoot. Jason was very sad when he died. He described him as a great guy and a really, really terrific actor. He was very funny and very smart. They really had some great times.[1]

Months after release he got mail from Universal. It was a very nice check because it held the box office record for a very long time. He called Steven and told him of his appreciation.[1]


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