Heather Hudson was the voice actress for Jessica Harding in Jurassic Park: The Game.

Jurassic Park: The Game Edit

In a 2012 interview with Alternative Magazine Online, Heather Hudson who voiced the character Jess Harding in the Jurassic Park Game, talked about how she has been acting professionally since 2009, and before she was busy sharpening her skills by doing theatre, indie films, acting classes, and local sketch comedy. There was also mention of her voice acting experience which was done in commercials as "voice over", and in some cases male characters which she was able to pull off due to her unique quality.[1]


Hudson voice acting for Jurassic Park: The Game.[1]

Heather admits that while she likes the movies, she's not an expert on why the franchise is so popular, and she is excited about the coming movie and believes it will be awesome. It was interesting when Heather talked about how connecting with the character of Jessica Harding in the game, and recalling what it's like to be a teenager helped her with lending her voice to the game. She says that she would describe her character as one with many emotions who was just trying to survive on an island full of dinosaurs coming after her and that she greatly enjoyed voicing Jessica in the game. Heather talked about how much she loved working with Telltale Games, how she learned a lot, and that she would love to work with them again.[1]

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