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Billy and Alan at the bar.

The Hell Creek Bar & Grill[1] is a restaurant located in Jordan, Montana. It is locally famous for its beer and chicken fingers. At this location, Paul and Amanda Kirby tricked Alan Grant and Billy Brennan into believing that they would be paid an incredibly substantial sum if they joined them on an aerial tour over Isla Sorna.

Behind the scenesEdit

Its name could be a reference to the Hell Creek Formation, a Late Cretaceous fossil formation which bears dinosaur genera that include famous dinosaurs that have appeared in the Jurassic Park franchise such as Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus rex. Some of the formation is also located in Montana, the same state where the bar & grill is located.

Notes and referecnesEdit

  1. Jurassic Park III film script: Scene 13: Hell Creek Bar and Grill

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