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Home Invasion

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Just then, the Troodon attack, attempting to enter the room through a pair of vents. Billy tries to block the animals' path and fend them off with a shovel, while Nima lights a flare through the other vent, which seems to discourage the dinosaurs. Finally, Gerry manages to force the grate open and most of the team escapes. Billy stays behind for a moment to make sure the Troodon are slowed down, and then escapes with the others, closing the grate. However, the Troodon somehow find a way through and chase the humans to an intersection. Sorkin quickly chooses a path and the rest follow her, while the Troodon remain in pursuit.


  • This is the only episode of the game where the Troodon can be seen clearly. In the previous three episodes, they are seen only in silhouette form.


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