Ichthyosaurus was the first of the Ichthyosaur family to be discovered. It was large sea-dwelling reptile that lived during the Jurassic Period. Like most Ichthyosaurs it resembled a modern dolphin. It probably gave birth to live young.

In the very early 19th century a young girl named Mary Anning was walking along the southern English coast, nicknamed the Jurassic Coast when she made an incredible discovery. Young Mary had found a nearly complete Ichthyosaurus fossil, the first ever of this genus and the Family that was named after it.[1]

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Video gamesEdit


Ichtyosaur from the NES video game.


Ichtysaurs from the arcade game.


Ichthyosaurus from Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.

The creature is mostly called Ichthyosaur, but that would be a reference to the Order the creature belongs to. It is most likely that the name is meant to refer to the Ichthyosaur genus.

Jurassic Park Toy LinesEdit

An Ichthyosaurus toy was meant to appear in the Jurassic Park: Junior toy line, and even made it to prototype stage, but was cancelled for unknown reasons.


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