"I don't remember that on InGen's list."
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InGen's list was a list of every animal that InGen publicly cloned.

Known Prehistoric Animals on InGen's List

Genetic hybrids

Hybrids made by InGen only appear in the movie canon. NOTE: This does not include the hybrids from Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect as the scientists who created those hybrids were not associated with InGen.



  1. Is classified under its synonym Pteranodon sternbergi
  2. The Mosasaurus that resides in Jurassic World is identified as Mosasaurus maximus in RaptorPass 10 Mosasaurus.
  3. In Dr. Laura Sorkin's journal she observed the crests of InGen's recreation of Triceratops growing larger and developing holes. It is unknown if the clones for Jurassic World have this metamorphosis like the first clones.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Genetic material of Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, and Rugops was in possession of InGen by 2014 and was used in the creation of the genetic hybrid Indominus rex. However, it is unknown if the dinosaurs used in the hybrid's creation were ever recreated by InGen.
  5. Muttaburrasaurus appears on nr. 68 of the Inkworks Jurassic Park III Premium Trading Cards.
  6. It is unknown if these dragonflies are Meganeura or a close relative or if they were dragonflies whose size was altered, like the dwarf elephant of the Pachyderm Portfolio.
  7. The Triceratops species recreated by InGen in the novel canon is identified as Triceratops serratus by the narrator of the Park Drive. Today material belonging to Triceratops serratus was reassigned to the species T. horridus.
  8. Was identified by Dr. Henry Wu as Velociraptor mongoliensis, but reached the size of Achillobator.
  9. There was an egg in the hatchery of Jurassic Park presumed to be Coelurosaurus, which is a nonexistent dinosaur that is most likely just another name for Coelurus.
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  11. Seen on a computer screen inside the Innovation Center of Jurassic World, but it is unknown if it was ever created.