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"It's a birdcage."
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InGen Contractor
Ingen contractor


Jurassic World



Portrayed by

Michael Papajohn



"Don't worry, you'll be well taken care of!"
—InGen Contractor to Henry Wu(src)

The InGen Contractor was the leader of the InGen Security Division mercenaries brought to Isla Nublar.


Jurassic WorldEdit

The contractor first appeared on the beach speaking to Vic Hoskins about the situation developing on the island. Hoskins tasked him with going to the Raptor Research Arena and readying Owen Grady's Velociraptors to take on the Indominus rex. The contractor complained that some of the handlers were being difficult and uncooperative, and an annoyed Hoskins simply told him to be more forceful in his approach. He didn't participate in the attack against Indominus. When it failed, he saw to it that Henry Wu was safely evacuated aboard helicopter CR-1017. He assured Wu he'd be "well taken care of", then climbed aboard with him. The two flew off of the island.


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