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"A creature of the future, made from pieces of the past! Ladies and gentlemen, please be warned! This is the perfect blend of the two most dangerous creatures, that ever walked the Earth! We call it...the Indoraptor!"
Gunnar Eversol introducing the Indoraptor to auctioneers(src)

The Indoraptor was a new hybrid dinosaur that served as the primary creature antagonist and the secondary antagonist of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The Indoraptor was confirmed to be male, and will be the last hybrid of the franchise.



The Indoraptor was created in a hidden laboratory in the Lockwood Manor. It was another one of Dr. Henry Wu's creations, similar to the Indominus rex. It was a prototype as Wu was waiting to obtain Blue's blood to finalize the genome of the creature, and breed a more streamlined version of it. It was created to be a weapon and was shown to attack on command through the use of visual and audio frequency, which would drive it into a frenzied state.


The Indoraptor bears a striking similar appearance of the Indominus rex, but its body length is about half of that of its predecessor. It sports toe claws that are similar to those of a Velociraptor, and its color is primarily black with a golden-yellow streak running from the base of the neck to its tail, which bears strong resemblance to Blue's metallic blue streak.

The shape of its head bears a resemblance to that of a Tyrannosaurus rex, and it has a sprinkled red mark around the eye orbit. The Indoraptor also exhibits night vision, allowing for it to perform well regardless of the time of day, or lighting condition it's pushed into.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

During the Lockwood Manor Auction, the Indoraptor was introduced to a crowd of wealthy people who've come from all over the world to buy the dinosaurs who were evacuated from Isla Nublar. Unfortunately, the dinosaur isn't up for auction as its only in the prototype stage, but it doesn't stop the audience from bidding ridiculous amounts of money on the hybrid. Gunnar Eversol begins to accept bids at the behest of Eli Mills, with Russian mobster Anton Orlov winning the bid. Owen Grady then shows up with a Stygimoloch and together they cause havoc, with Owen and the Indoraptor sharing a close glance at one another.

The place empties, leaving only Ken Wheatley with the Indoraptor. He attempts to sedate the dinosaur, shooting it twice with tranq darts, causing it to fall over, seemingly incapacitated. He then enters its cage with the plan of taking one of its teeth for his collection. The Indoraptor turns out to only be faking its sedation, and remains motionless for a brief time. It then smirks just before it rises, literally disarms Ken, and begins to maul and kill him. It escapes from the cage and then its tail breaks the elevator that Gunnar Eversol along with three other members from the auction were trying to escape in. The Indoraptor roars at Gunnar Eversol as it kills him and the other members off-screen. Moments later, it attacked and killed two of Eli Mill's guards. Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Maisie Lockwood run into the Indoraptor while trying to cross the main floor in the Lockwood Manor.

It chases after them and separates Maisie from Claire and Owen. The Indoraptor pursues Maisie as she runs towards her bedroom. It then climbs into her room through the window and is about to snatch her from her bed when Owen shows up, armed with a gun he'd taken from a dead mercenary. He fires two rounds at the Dinosaur but it doesn't do much, bar stunning it for a brief time. As it approaches Owen, ready to attack, Blue arrives and begins to assault it, keeping it occupied while Owen and Maisie escape through the window.

The Indoraptor is pushed away by Blue, with the two being separated from their fight, and it corners Owen and Maisie on the roof. Claire arrives behind it and points a laser at Owen, prompting it to attack, in an attempt to get it to fall through weakened glass. It moves and begins to fall through the glass roof, but manages to save and haul itself back up. The Indoraptor then recovers and moves to lunge towards Owen when Blue arrives once more and resumes her attack, with both tumbling through the glass in a deadlock grapple. Once they land, the Indoraptor gets impaled by the brow horns of a fossil Triceratops skull and perishes within seconds. Blue sprints away, triumphant, with the body of the hybrid being left behind on the trike skull.

It is unknown what happened with the hybrid’s body, but it was mostly likely disposed of, alongside the technology to create more Indoraptors in the fallout of its escape.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

A toy of the Indoraptor will be released as part of the toyline for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It is fully articulated, allowing its body to be flexibly posed in various ways.


A LEGO model of the Indoraptor will be released in the Lockwood Manor LEGO set.

Jurassic World Facts App

Indoraptor appears in the Jurassic World Facts app, which scans the toy. When released in early March, it's stated that the Indoraptor uses echolocation more effectively than bats, as well as being able to move at high speeds in complete darkness. Once unlocked, it reveals that the Indoraptor is always hungry and hunting for prey, is aggressive towards any living being,has a relevantly high intelligence rate, like the Indominus rex, and weighs around 2,200 pounds, which is about the weight of a cow and a half.

Jurassic World: Alive

Indoraptor will be featured in Jurassic World: Alive.

Jurassic World: The Game

see Indoraptor/JW: TG

Indoraptor appears as a super-hybrid in Jurassic World: The Game.

Jurassic World: Evolution

Indoraptor appears in a free Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom DLC for Jurassic World: Evolution.

Behind the Scenes

  • The animatronic for the Indoraptor reveal skin peeling away and a sickly looking mouth. Colin Trevorrow hints that the Indoraptor may be mentally unstable or even sick throughout his appearance in the movie.
  • The sounds of the Indoraptor were made from vocalizations from animals and an inanimate one such as a chihuahua, a dental drill, a lion, a pig, and a cougar. [4]



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