The injured trooper was a member of the ACU team that was sent in to capture the escaped Indominus rex during the Isla Nublar Incident (2015).

Isla Nublar Incident (2015)Edit

He was part of a team sent in to capture the Indominus rex after it had escaped its paddock and killed 2 workers, along with 2 other teams lead by Katashi Hamada and Austin. Upon arriving at the asset's last-recorded location, they found that it had torn out its tracking implant. While the commander of the first team, Hamada was inspecting the implant, blood started dripping on his wrist. Looking up, he discovered that the blood was only dripping from the tree branches. However, the hybrid suddenly appeared from the treeline and seized Hamada. The 3 teams fired their cattle prods and Taser Rifles at the creature, causing it to drop him. They were unable to save him, however, as he was crushed by the foot of the creature. During the hybrid's ensuing attack, the trooper was badly wounded and had to be dragged to safety by Austin and another trooper while Miller covered them. He presumably survived.


  • Many people mistake him or the other unnamed trooper helping Austin drag him to safety for Meyers. However, you can tell that this is not the case if you look closely: Meyers has a pony-tail, while the injured trooper is balding.

Even thought it wasn't shown on the monitors in the control room, it could be possible he was part of Austin's team since Austin was helping to drag him to safety.