The Injured ACU Trooper was a member of the ACU team that was sent in to capture the escaped Indominus rex during the Isla Nublar Incident (2015).

Isla Nublar Incident (2015)Edit

This trooper was a member of a third ACU team sent in to recapture the Indominus rex after it had escaped its paddock and fled into the nearby jungle.

While hunting for the hybrid, the teams found themselves ambushed by the creature and several members were killed. This operative was badly wounded in the chaos and had to be dragged to safety by Austin and one of his squadmates while another trooper covered them. His fate afterwards is unknown, but since Austin survived the ambush and was seen dragging the ACU trooper to safety, it's possible he survived.


  • Even thought it wasn't shown on the monitors in the control room, it's possible he was part of Austin's team since Austin was helping to drag him to safety.