YOUR GATEWAY TO ADVENTURE... is the exclusive online travel connection to the tropical paradise of Isla Sorna. was the official website of the film Jurassic Park III. It was meant to look like a travel site to Isla Sorna. The main page looked like this:

JPIIIsite mainpage

The attractions of Isla Sorna are a party cruise, wild kingdom tours, parasailing, splash adventure and so much more. These advertisements are an irony to the dangers of the island that are shown in the film.

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The Isla Sorna Island Adventure vacation
package is a unique experience for the more
adventurous traveler who wants to venture away
from civilization to a land believed to exist only
in history books. You will be among the privileged
few to witness one of the last remaining indigenous
cultures in the world.

A luxury charter flight will take you through restricted airspace to a remote island paradise
207 miles west of Costa Rica known as, Isla Sorna. Significant for its unique terrain and history,
Isla Sorna is the home to a variety of rare and reborn creatures of the world not to be affected
by modern influences. A minor mishap and few misguided soles have created an exotic land shut off
from the rest of the world providing the curious and adventurous a veritable window
to the pre-historic past.

This world is central to a mesmerizing legend, dating back over millions of years.
Escape to this rural, mountainous hideaway and discover the Secret World of Isla Sorna!


Later Universal stopped using If you surf to you are immediately redirected to However, an archived version can still be viewed.