The Field Lab

The Isla Nublar Research Lab was a laboratory that appears in Jurassic Park: The Game. It was located at the north point of Isla Nublar, next to the Quarantine pen. It was situated beside a small lake with a waterfall that lead to a river. A dirt road was connected to the laboratory via a bridge.

Dr. Sorkin was relocated to this laboratory by InGen to allow Dr. Wu to meet the goals required for the park to launch on schedule. She made a research about the Parasaurolophus behaviors and secretly performed research on the Troodons from this lab.[1]

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Field Lab00:22

Field Lab

On the Tour the Island website, the following video of the lab was shown. The outside view is taken by camera CAM A, the inside shot is taken by CAM B.


Trivia Edit

  • This lab was never seen or mentioned in the film or novel canons.
  • X-rays of the skulls of Metriacanthosaurus and a diplodocid sauropod (probably Apatosaurus) are seen on a board on the wall in the lab.

Sources Edit

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