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Isla Nublar Incident (2015)


Jurassic World


December[1] 2015


Jurassic World, Isla Nublar

People involved

Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Simon Masrani, InGen Security Division, many civilians

Dinosaurs involved

Indominus rex, Velociraptor, Mosasaurus, Pteranodon, Dimorphodon, Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, Parasaurolophus


Ellis, Nick, Katashi Hamada, Cooper, Craig, Lee, Miller, Spears, Simon Masrani, Zara Young, Vic Hoskins, Several Civilians, Many InGen Mercenaries including, but not limited too: InGen Soldier, J. Levin, G. Batoon, T. Alexander, and J. Sutherland.

Preceded by

Isla Sorna Incident (2001)

"Evacuate the island."
Owen Grady(src)

The 2015 Isla Nublar Incident is the second catastrophe to impact Isla Nublar and the Jurassic Park project. With the creation of a hybrid dinosaur named Indominus rex by the genetics company InGen for Masrani Global Corporation's theme park Jurassic World, the hybrid specimen breaks loose and proceeds to cause property damage and many deaths to both person and animal throughout the park.[2]

Prelude Edit

In response to their park's dwindling visitors Masrani Global approved the creation of a genetically modified hybrid.[3] Two years later, Simon Masrani, CEO of Masrani Global, revealed the hybrid now named Indominus rex to the public on his blog[4], causing ticket sales for Jurassic World to skyrocket.[5] There were two Indominus rex initially created, but one of the I. rex killed her sibling for unknown reasons.[2] Vic Hoskins, head of Security, was behind the creation of the Indominus rex, and wanted to use the hybrid for military purposes. However, problems surrounded the Indominus rex even before it was fully grown. In addition to killing its sibling, it grew to proportions that exceeded initial estimates, forcing the opening of the attraction to be delayed while the creature's paddock was altered and strengthened to accommodate it. To make matters worse, the I. rex began to anticipate where the handlers would bring food and after an incident where a handler nearly lost an arm, a Terex crane was used instead. Further concerns were also raised after it attempted to break the glass of the viewing gallery, but despite all of this the park's owners continued to advertise the attraction.

Just before the incident started, Gray and Zach, the nephews of Jurassic World's general manager Claire Dearing, visited the dinosaur park and were inside it when the incident occurred.[6] A Pachycephalosaurus broke out of Pachy Arena but was tranquilized and returned to the paddock by some Asset Containment Unit workers.[2] The Indominus rex was raised well in captivity and was fed three times a day. However, because she had no social connections with other members of her species, never had anybody imprint on her, and was basically in isolation all of her life as the only member of its species, the hybrid became deranged and very unstable.

Incident Edit

The incident began when Claire and Owen Grady arrived at Paddock 11 so that Owen can investigate the paddock for any flaws. Claire ordered a piece of meat to be released to lure the Indominus into view for Owen to see. But she didn't appear and the thermal readers don't pick up her heat signatures. Owen noticed scratches on a nearby wall and they feared that she climbed out of her enclosure. Claire rushed back to the Control room as she could track the I. rex through her tracker which all dinosaurs have. Owen, supervisor Nick and worker Ellis enter the paddock to investigate. Claire called the control room to have Lowery and Vivian find the I. rex. At the Control Room, Lowery and Vivian, to their horror, saw that the Indominus was still in her paddock and informed the three to get out. Unfortunately, the I. rex revealed herself and blocked their exit, forcing them to the big gates of her paddock killing Ellis in the process. Simon Masrani ordered the paddock doors to be closed, but the I. rex broke the door down before they could do so. However, Owen managed to hide under a crane. The hybrid proceeded to seek out and kill Nick, who had attempted to hide behind a pick-up truck, and began to search for Owen. In an attempt to mask his scent, Owen cut the crane's fuel line; though the hybrid came close to discovering him, the gasoline confused it and it stormed away leaving a very shaken Owen behind.

In the control room, Vivian attempted to put the park on alert for the escaped dinosaur, but Simon Masrani saw no reason to tell the public about the escape of the Indominus rex for he felt that the Asset Containment Unit could recapture her without causing an unnecessary panic. The ACU tracked the Indonimus rex, only to find she clawed out her tracking device. The hybrid then attacked without warning, killing Katashi Hamada by crushing him under its foot. Attempts to stun it with cattle prods failed when it accidentally struck Cooper with its tail while seizing Craig and throwing him at a tree branch, killing both. Austin tried to subdue it with a net launcher, but its struggles to free itself caused Lee's death when a toppled tree crushed him. Breaking free, the I. rex roared loudly before knocking Meyers and another trooper away with its tail and snatching and devouring Spears as he tried to flee. As Austin and another trooper dragged an injured comrade to safety and Meyers fled into the jungle with her surviving comrades, Miller fired at the creature with a bullpup shotgun in an attempt to kill it, but the shots had no effect and Miller was eaten whole. In the control room, having witnessed the team's heart monitors wink out one by one, a furious Owen demanded that Claire should order an evacuation of the island. While unsure, she decides to evacuate the northern part of the park where the I. rex would break into once she arrived.

Masrani later went to the labs on Owen's advice to interrogate Dr. Wu about the I. rex, where it was revealed that several things had been added to the creature to make it meet Masrani's demands though he did not reveal that it was really intended to be a military weapon. Furious at this subterfuge, Masrani ordered that all experiments be ceased immediately and that Wu would face the company's board of directors, citing that he had committed numerous crimes against nature by combining so many deadly features into one animal.

Meanwhile, Gray and Zach boarded Gyrosphere 07 just seconds before the ride was ordered to be shut down due to the I. rex. Ignoring order to return the Gyrosphere to the station, the two make their way to the restricted area. The Indominus rex later encountered the Gyrosphere with Gray and Zach in it. At first she was cautious about the strange vehicle but eventually attacked. She pierced the Gyroshere's glass and kicked it into the paths of three Ankylosaurus who used their clubbed tails to smash the vehicle away in panic. Inside the overturned vehicle, Zach and Gray watched as one of the Ankylosaurs made a brave stand against the hybrid before being flipped over and killed. The hybrid turned her attention to the Gyrosphere, but the kids managed to escape the Gyrosphere before the Indominus rex demolished it. The kids fled, but were trapped at a waterfall. Seconds before the hybrid snatched them, both jumped off the waterfall and tricked the creature into thinking they had drowned. Some point later the two boys encountered the remains of the Visitor Center that was built for the cancelled Jurassic Park. While exploring the abandoned Visitor Center, they stumble upon a vehicle garage containing the two Jeep Wrangler Staff Vehicles used to transport John Hammond and the endorsement team to the visitor center. They successfully get Jeep 29 working again after replacing the battery and refueling the jeep using fuel from a damaged Jurassic World vehicle that was in front of the visitor center and use it to return to Jurassic World.

Owen and Claire Dearing then went on to try and find Gray and Zach using Mercedes 05. They came across a wounded Apatosaurus and five dead ones. Because the Indominus rex didn't eat them, Owen concluded that the hybrid was killing for sport. They also came across the destroyed Gyrosphere 07. They soon went to the cancelled Jurassic Park and found that Gray and Zach already left the visitor center in a Jeep. They prepare to follow their trail only to be found by the I. rex which began attacking them but broke off her attack after spotting a helicopter flying overhead. Claire then alerted the control room of the dinosaur's location.

After the Asset Containment Unit team failed, Masrani's private helicopter JW001 was outfitted with a heavy machine gun and was ordered to hunt Indominus rex, with Masrani himself piloting it. Eventually, they found her, but the hybrid evaded them by ramming into the Aviary. JW001 was attacked by 3 Pteranodons, causing it to crash into the Jurassic World Aviary next to the Indonimus rex, killing Masrani in the process. The Indominus rex then fought the Pteranodons and Dimorphodons for a short period. The Pteranodons and Dimorphodons, scared, flew out of the Aviary then attacked the Main Street, killing or injuring several visitors and park personnel, which was witnessed by Zach, Gray, and Owen. In the ensuing chaos, Claire's personal assistant Zara Young was snatched by a Pteranodon and dropped into the lagoon. The lagoon's resident, a Mosasaurus, responded by attacking and killing the Pteranodon, inadvertently killing Zara in the process. Owen and Jurassic World Security worked together to bring the Pteranadons and Dimorphodons down to protect the tourists but Owen was nearly killed by a Dimorphordon before Claire took a rifle and used it to save Owen from the Dimorphodon by hitting it with the butt of the rifle before shooting it.

That night, Vic Hoskins took control over the park and ordered InGen Military to help him. An InGen contractor and several InGen soldiers arrived by boat and helicopter. He conducted a plan to field test the Velociraptors. Owen disagreed, and slugged Hoskins in the face with a left-hook, but eventually was forced to relent on the condition that they do it his way. Owen Grady and Barry released their Velociraptors, Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo, to hunt down the Indominus rex. However, it was revealed that the hybrid was able to communicate with the raptors, becoming the Alpha of the pack, and sent them to attack the humans. The Velociraptors killed almost the entire team of soldiers. Blue attacked Claire who was transporting Zach and Gray. After killing a soldier, Charlie looked up to see Owen and realized who he is before she was killed by a rocket from a soldier. An soldier ran to the platform attempting to escape, but was killed. Blue attacked Barry, but before she could kill him; Owen Grady caught her attention. Meanwhile, the InGen contractor helped Dr. Wu escape Jurassic World with more Indominus rex embryos and research on hybrids. The surviving mercenaries also escaped.

Claire, Zach, Gray, and Owen eventually made it to Main Street. There they found Vic Hoskins and several other soldiers packing away things in the lab. Vic Hoskins told them about his and Dr. Wu's collaboration with InGen Military to create dinosaur soldiers, as well as his belief that nature existed to be exploited rather than a power that should not be meddled with. However, Delta attacked and killed him. The survivors left the building only to be surrounded by the Velociraptors. However, Owen managed to retain his spot as Alpha as the Indominus rex entered Main Street. Blue attacked first but was knocked aside. Delta and Echo then attacked the Indominus rex too on Owen's call. However, Gray soon figured out that they needed more teeth to kill the hybrid, so Claire ran off to T. rex Kingdom to release Roberta the T. rex that stayed in her paddock throughout the incident. She contacted Lowery in order to open the T. rex's paddock. While reluctant, he opened the paddock after Claire made it "personal" after his initial refusal to do so.

Eventually the Indominus rex killed Delta and Echo despite their valiant efforts. The hybrid then resumed attacking Owen and Gray and Zach, but Owen protected them. Meanwhile, Claire used a flare to lure Roberta out of her enclosure. Roberta followed Claire into Main Street, where the Indominus rex was, smashing through the ornamental Spinosaurus skeleton and challenging the hybrid via a colossal roar. They both sized each other before they fought. Roberta had the upper hand for a moment, but the Indominus rex managed to take over and almost kill her. However, Blue appeared and attacked the hybrid. Then both Roberta and Blue fought the Indominus rex, smashing her into several structures and, utilizing their combined strength, managed to injure her and push her into a gate. The hybrid got back up, but the Mosasaurus emerged from the nearby water and dragged the hybrid into the Jurassic World Lagoon, finally killing it. After the battle, Roberta and Blue looked at each other before Roberta walked away from the park, injured but not beaten. Blue then looked at Owen one last time before heading off on her own into the wild as well. The next day, the four make their way to a hangar in Costa Rica with the other Jurassic World survivors. Gray and Zach are reunited with their parents and Clarie reconciles with her sister. Claire and Owen then leave together, their relationship possibly restarted after the events. Back on Isla Nublar, Roberta made her way to the helipad of the Control Center and roars in triumph while surveying Jurassic World, once again wild on Isla Nublar. The park's fate is left currently unknown, but it is likely to be abandoned or bulldozed following the devastating incident.[2]


The incident resulted in the worst financial crisis the Masrani Global Corporation had seen, resulting an emergency board meeting. Richard Wiesner, COO of Masrani Global, wrote an urgent memo regarding this board meeting and told the investors of his company not to panic.[7]

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[*] means that the number of animals killed or even if they were killed is undetermined.

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