Isla Sorna Trespasser

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"Waking to the smell of jungle, the distant call of an apatosaur."

-John P. Hammond

The version of Isla Sorna of Jurassic Park: Trespasser is quite different from novel or movie canon. The island is 3 km in length and 1.5 km width. The topography of this island is based on Cocos Island, a real island on the west coast of Costa Rica.

In a distant past the island was occupied by Indians. They build pyramids and temples on the western side of the island. In the east, a coffee plantation was build in the 1860s. More to the west lies the InGen worker village of Burroughs. On the south coast lies a dock.
Trespasser Billboard

InGen plans for Site B (seen on the InGen Billboard in Trespasser)


InGen released these dinosaur species on the island:

In two unused quotes, Hammond gives both a description of a Gallimimus, and mentions an Apatosaurus. Neither are seen in-game, but it can be assumed both occupy the island elsewhere, considering both apparently appear on InGen's list.

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