As the helicopters slowly disappear into the distance, Eddie and Thorne begin to open the cargo containers and unpack their vehicles. After Eddie checks them out, and double checks the backup power sources he secretly installed, he drives the Explorer out of the container while Thorne backs the trailer out and hooks the accordion connector up to the second trailer while Malcolm stood nearby and observed. Once the vehicles were clear of the containers, Thorne and Eddie made sure the solar panels were active and parked the vehicles so the panels could top off the vehicles charge. While they waited, Thorne entered the second trailer and came out with a large case; opening it showed a large disassembled rifle. Thorne explaned to Malcolm that the rifle is a Lindstradt Air Rifle, one of the most expensive rifles in the world and fires a subsonic Fluger impact delivery dart that can be filled with any compound desired. Their rifles are loaded with the enhanced venom of Conus purpurascens (South Sea cone shell), a highly lethal toxin which acts in two-thousandth of a second, which is faster than the nerve conduction velocity resulting in the animal being dead nearly instantly. Malcolm asks if there is an antidote in case of an accident; Thorne replies you'd be dead before you realized you had one.