While Malcolm and the others inside Levine's apartment were figuring out which island they were looking for, Ed James sat outside Levine's apartment in his car while listening to them talk through an electronic bug he had placed in Levine's apartment weeks ago. Malcolm cites the Landsat pictures and several points of data that lead to only one island fitting all the criteria; Kelly vocally identifies the island as Isla Sorna, which James makes note of as well as the Landsat photos. Malcolm states that this is their island for three key reasons; it is a privately-owned island and therefore hasn't been searched by the Costa Rican government, it was owned by Germans who operated a mine on the island in the 1920's (hence Levine's German geology books) as well as being the only island with volcanic activity. He states that while methane is released during volcanic activity, it could also be a sign of the presence of large herbivores. Thorne gathers the kids up, stating that they learned everything they needed to. Moments later Thorne, the kids and Malcolm drive away from Levine's apartment. James briefly considers following Malcolm before picking up his phone and making a call to Dodgson.