Jeep 12 in Jurassic Park.

Jeep 12 was a Jeep Wrangler Staff Vehicle owned by Jurassic Park. Unlike the other Jeeps, it had remote controlled search lamps attached to its light bar and appears to have more interior options than the standard Jeeps, featuring automatic transmission.


Jeep 12 was one of the many purchased for by InGen for Jurassic Park.

It was the Jeep taken by Dennis Nedry during his theft of the dinosaur embryos. Driving in the storm, Nedry lose control of the vehicle and ended up grounding it on a ridge overlooking the road to the dock. Nedry was killed inside of the Jeep by a Dilophosaurus.[1]

After finding the Barbosal can and encountering the Dilophosaurus that killed Nedry, Nima freed the car and almost ran over Chadwick it crashed into the tree where the winch cable was tied to and damaged the hood. Nima managed to fix the battery, but she and Chadwick were surrounded by Dilophosaurs. Nima tried to start the car as a Dilophosaurus tried to break through the windshield, but she put the car in reverse and ran over a Dilophosaurus, killing it and crashed into a wall.[2]

It is unknown what happened to Jeep 12 after the Isla Nublar Incident of 1993, it most likely that it is still out there in ruin.

Jurassic Park: TrespasserEdit

Jeep 12 appears in the intro of the game.

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

Jeep 12 appears in the game as the Jurassic Park Responder (Soft Top). It appears in the end cutscene of the level "Park Shutdown" where it is used by Dennis Nedry and has an identical role to its appearance in the Jurassic Park film. It can also be found in the Jurassic Park hub with Nedry stuck inside it. The player can pry open the driver's side door using crowbar wielding character (like Nick Van Owen or Carter) to free Nedry, which earns the player(s) a gold brick and makes Dennis Nedry's raincoat variant purchasable.

The jeep itself can be purchased for 50,000 studs like all purchasable vehicles in the game.

Jurassic World Jada ToysEdit

Jeep 12 was made as a toy by Jada Toys as part of their toy line based on the vehicles in the film Jurassic World, even though it doesn't appear in that film. It's also missing its cloth top.


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