Jerry[1] Randall[2] was an InGen security guard.


He was working at the InGen Waterfront Complex during Peter Ludlow's speech to an audience of reporteres and investors while awaiting the arrival of the Venture. He attempted to prevent Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding from entering, but Ludlow told another guard, Hampton, to admit them.

Following the onrushing ship's headlong crash into the pier, Jerry was among those who went aboard to determine what had happened. It quickly became clear that somehow the captured male Tyrannosaurus rex had escaped and killed most of the crew. But what occurred after this was a mystery to everyone. Everyone that is except Malcolm and Harding, who realized the dinosaur had been trapped in the hold by the last dying crewman.

Ludlow, up in the wheelhouse with Berner, called down and told Jerry to open the hold to look for survivors. A panicky Malcolm began yelling for everyone to get off of the ship, but Jerry, undaunted, went and pried the controls for the hold doors from the hand of the dead crewman holding it. Malcolm, realizing what was about to happen, attempted to stop Jerry, but he was too late; the hapless guard pressed the button, opening the doors and unleashing the enraged Tyrannosaur upon San Diego. Jerry ran away with the other InGen guards who'd come aboard.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jerry was a sarcastic man and had an extremely condescending attitude towards Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding when they were attempting to persuade him to admit them. Nevertheless, his refusal to grant them entry means he was if nothing else good at his job as a guard. Although the other guards were seen listening to Malcolm and starting to leave when he began yelling for everyone to evacuate the Venture, Jerry seemed immune to the contagious fear, and simply focused on obeying Ludlow. But as soon as he saw the T. rex he finally showed fear and ran.

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

He appears in LEGO Jurassic World as both an NPC (story mode) and a playable character (free play). In story mode he is simply referred to as "InGen Guard #9" and is the only InGen guard aboard the Venture the player doesn't fight. He is seen attempting to reach the controller for the cargo hold doors and complaining that his arms aren't longer. Ultimately he manages to grab it and press the button, unleashing the Tyrannosaurus. As a PC, he is identified as Jerry.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • His first name was originally unintentional fanon, based on a mishearing of one of his lines of dialogue. However it was made canon when LEGO Jurassic World identified him as "InGen Guard Jerry" when he is a playable character.[1]


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