John Gurche is an American artist known for his recreations of prehistoric life, notably early hominids and dinosaurs. He served as a consultant for Jurassic Park.

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Involvment in Jurassic ParkEdit

Director Steven Spielberg contacted Gurche to serve as a consultant on the design of the film's dinosaurs[1] due to his paintings of the titular animals[2] in the Summer of 1990.[3] Gurche was first tasked with concept art of the Tyrannosaurus rex and later a segment featuring Velociraptor,[3] which Gurche primary created concept art of out of all the dinosaurs.[4] Furthermore, Gurche created several plot elements that were later scrapped and he was also responsible for giving the Dilophosaurus its neck frill.[3]

Selected filmographyEdit

  • Neanderthal (2001) (TV)
  • Jurassic Park (1993)

Notes and referencesEdit

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