Jurassic Park: Adventures is a book trilogy written by Scott Ciencin. They feature characters Dr. Alan Grant, Eric Kirby, Amanda Kirby, and Paul Kirby. They were all together in the 2001 film, Jurassic Park III. They mainly focus on Eric Kirby's adventures.


  • The novel explains some of the unexplained events in Jurassic Park III. Ben Hildebrand's death, for example, is revealed to have been caused by internal injury during the parasailing accident, and not by animal attack.
  • It is revealed that Eric gets the raptor claw (the one he shows to Alan Grant in the film) during a fight with a Velociraptor.
  • Survivor features several dinosaurs that were shown in the films, including T. rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Pteranodon and Ankylosaurus, but also introduces new ones such as Diplodocus and Iguanodon (the latter are prominently featured and Eric even "befriends" one of them).
  • The Spinosaurus isn't featured in Survivor, though in JP3, Eric says he has seen it. It can be assumed he saw it after the events on the book.
  • In Flyer, Grant and Manly were discussing the situation with the dinosaur minds that made the dinosaurs, where Grant makes the point that many of the people who were on the ferry the night of the first incident may have died while evacuating. Whether it is canon or not, this may bring the total dead far greater than originally stated

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