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This article describes all missions in Jurassic Park: Builder.

Start Edit

JPB Trike2

Young Triceratops

Kelly baby trike

Keep Trike inside paddock

When you start the game, the Jurassic Park Gates are closed and the only dinosaur is a young Triceratops.

You start the game with the following resources:

  • Crops: 100
  • Meat: 100
  • Gold: 1000
  • Dino Bucks: 3

When you start the game you will unlock the achievement: Welcome to Jurassic Park.

When you click on the Triceratops, Kelly Malcolm will appear and tell that you have to keep the dinosaur inside the paddock.

Hungry Baby Edit

Your first mission is to feed the Trike until it reaches adulthood. You have enough Crops to do this. Once you're finished, Kelly introduces you to a "real dinosaur expert".

Camping Out Edit

The next character to help you is Alan Grant. After introducing himself, he asks you to clear the area. When you are done, you find something valuable in the Grass. Alan then radios Dr. Henry Wu.

Henry then confirms it is amber and tells you meet him at the Research Facility right away.

Suprise DiscoveryEdit

JPBuilder sequencing

DNA sequncing

Henry excitedly tells you we can now clone a new dinosaur. After doing a Minigame to clone it, you get your second dinosaur: Dilophosaurus and level up. Then John Hammond comes and says he is thrilled that you are creating a restored Jurassic Park experience and hopes that the investors will be impressed.

More SpaceEdit

Hammond then asks you to clear space to make it bigger and better than the original park. After a tutorial on how to clear space, you get the space you need to place the Dilophosaurus. Hammond hopes that the Investors will love it.

Big PlansEdit

Hammond asks you to buy the Dilophosaur Habitat in the Store. After buying it and placing it the park, Hammond goes off to see the Investors.

Happy Birthday Edit

Alan arrives, and after he notes Hammond's absence and wonders where he is. Alan asks you to speed up the hatching because tourists want to see dinosaurs, not eggs.

Speeding up the hatching costs 1 Dino Buck. This may not seem much, but Dino Bucks are rare and valuable items. 20 Dino Bucks are worth $1.99. the player can choose not to speed up the hatching and keep the buck. When the dinosaur hatches, the mission is also completed.

Taking Orders Edit

Takeout Meals Edit

Change of Plans Edit

Helpful HintsEdit

Strength in NumbersEdit

Not Just a JobEdit

Tricks of the TradeEdit

Out of the LabEdit

Business of ScienceEdit

The missions of Level 3 don't give you enough experience points to proceed to the next level. You can earn the last experience points by activating the harbours or clearing another part of the forest. The latter is needed for the Meet the Press mission.

Meet the PressEdit

Prerequisite: Level 4

Digging in the DirtEdit

Debunk the hoaxEdit

Any Volunteers?Edit

Meet the SkepticEdit

Follow FeedbackEdit

Safety CheckEdit

Prerequisite: Level 5

Any Brave Volunteers?Edit

Prerequisite: Level 5

Put People FirstEdit

Stand TallEdit

Hard Working CrewEdit

Power CheckEdit

Function over FashionEdit

About those Dinosaurs... Edit

Ian Malcolm:

You were wondering when I was going to talk about 
the dinosaurs, weren't you?

Dinosaur IndustryEdit

First ReportEdit

Prerequisite: Level 6

Unknown WuEdit

Follow the ResultsEdit

Hungry CarnivoresEdit

New AppetitesEdit

Unknown HammondEdit

Engineer TourEdit

Cut BudgetEdit

Conspiracy TheoryEdit

Business ClassEdit

Back to the Sea Edit

Write What You Know Edit

Balance the DinosaursEdit

Pirate Broadcast Edit

Kelly Malcolm:

The Wild Safari Network asked me for a video of the carnivores at feeding time.

Move EarthEdit

Scaled downEdit

Engineer a DistractionEdit


Old Friend Edit

Tipping Point Edit

When you complete this mission, Kelly will explain what you have to do during Code Red.

New Professor Edit

Out of the ClassroomEdit

Get the Full Report Edit

Plan for the Next TimeEdit

Field Trip chaosEdit

Startup costsEdit

Meet the CarnivoresEdit

Emergency ExitsEdit

Look for SurprisesEdit

Hit the Books Edit

Craft a title Edit

Hidden MessageEdit

Follow the LeadsEdit

New Blue WorldEdit

Step Back Edit

Back to Nature Edit

Inside JokeEdit

  • Prerequisite: ?
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Heavy HandedEdit

  • Prerequisite: Inside Joke?
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Act NaturalEdit

  • Prerequisite: Heavy Handed?
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Inside JobEdit

  • Prerequisite: Act Natural
  • Quest giver: Kelly

In Front of CameraEdit

  • Prerequisite: Inside Job
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Street Interviews Edit

  • Prerequisite: In Front of Camera
  • Quest giver: Kelly

All Access PassEdit

  • Prerequisite: Street Interviews
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Recruitment DriveEdit

  • Prerequisite: ?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

Middle of ActionEdit

  • Prerequisite: Recruitment Drive?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

People SkillsEdit

  • Prerequisite: Middle of Action?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

Let Them LooseEdit

  • Prerequisite: People Skills?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

New DigEdit

  • Prerequisite: Level 26?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

Technical DifficultiesEdit

  • Prerequisite: New Dig?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

Plan in MotionEdit

  • Prerequisite: Technical Difficulties?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

Surprising FindEdit

  • Prerequisite: Plan in Motion?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

Rush JobEdit

  • Prerequisite: Surprising Find?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Prerequisite: Rush Job?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Alan Grant

The Island StoryEdit

  • Prerequisite: ?
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Building the StoryEdit

  • Prerequisite: The Island Story
  • Quest giver: Kelly

A Star is BornEdit

  • Prerequisite: Building the Story
  • Quest giver: Kelly

The Real StarEdit

  • Prerequisite: A Star is Born
  • Quest giver: Kelly

The Next Star Edit

  • Prerequisite: The Real Star
  • Quest giver: Kelly

This is the last mission of its series.

Back to SchoolEdit

Standardized TestingEdit

  • Prerequisite: Back to School
  • Quest giver: Dr. Ian Malcolm

No More DinosaursEdit

  • Prerequisite: Standardized Testing
  • Quest giver: Dr. Ian Malcolm

Make the Best of ThingsEdit

  • Prerequisite: No More Dinosaurs?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Ian Malcolm

Take a ChanceEdit

  • Prerequisite: Make the Best of Things?
  • Quest giver: Dr. Ian Malcolm

Disgruntled EmployeeEdit

  • Prerequisite: Take chance, Level 27?
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Finish the JobEdit

  • Prerequisite: Disgruntled Employee
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Bonus PoolEdit

  • Prerequisite: Finish the Job
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

This quest is the last of its series.

New attraction Edit

  • Prerequisite: Act Natural
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Think... Big!Edit

  • Prerequisite: New attraction
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Think... Bigger!Edit

  • Prerequisite: Think... Big!
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Foreign FilmEdit

  • Prerequisite: Think... Bigger!
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Ready for a Close-UpEdit

  • Prerequisite: Foreign Film
  • Quest giver: John Hammond


  • Prerequisite: Ready for a Close-Up
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Vision QuestEdit

  • Prerequisite: Action
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Shared VisionEdit

  • Prerequisite: Vision Quest
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Mind's Eye Edit

  • Prerequisite: Shared Vision, Level 26?
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Follow the MoneyEdit

  • Prerequisite: Mind's Eye & The Next Star
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Sell the StoryEdit

  • Prerequisite: Follow the Money
  • Quest giver: Kelly

It's Only BusinessEdit

  • Prerequisite: Sell the Story
  • Quest giver: Kelly

This mission is the last of its series.

Worried DadEdit

  • Prerequisite: It's Only Business, Bonus Pool (?)
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Proud DadEdit

  • Prerequisite: Worried Dad
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Supportive DadEdit

  • Prerequisite: Proud Dad (?)
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Keep WatchEdit

  • Prerequisite: ?
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Preventative MaintenanceEdit

  • Prerequisite: Keep Watch
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Experimental DataEdit

  • Prerequisite: Preventative Maintenance
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Thrill SeekerEdit

  • Prerequisite: Experimental Data
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Documentary EvidenceEdit

Lead The TourEdit

Touch on the TeamEdit

Unannouced and UninvitedEdit

  • Prerequisite: Level 80
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcom

Level 10 Edit

Small thingsEdit


Fish Out of Water – Or NotEdit

The More You KnowEdit

Impressinoable MindsEdit

Breakfast At Central ControlEdit

Welcome HomeEdit

Price of DreamsEdit

Creature FeatureEdit

Post-Lab What Now?Edit

Better ManEdit

Farm HandsEdit

Making WavesEdit

The Hand that Feeds YouEdit

You’re UnpredictableEdit

Apt PupilEdit


No ChoiceEdit

Maternal FigureEdit

  • Prerequisite: ?
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Wispers and NoisesEdit

  • Prerequisite: Maternal Figure
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Tricks, You Say?Edit

  • Prerequisite: Wispers and Noises
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Buried TreasureEdit

  • Prerequisite: Tricks, You Say?
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

The Color and the LightEdit

  • Prerequisite: Buried Treasure
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Taking Care of BusinessEdit

  • Prerequisite: The Color and the Light
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

From Bad To Very BadEdit

  • Prerequisite: Taking Care of Business
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Do The MathEdit

  • Prerequisite: From Bad To Very Bad
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Furrowed BrowsEdit

  • Prerequisite: Do The Math
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

The Apple and the TreeEdit

  • Prerequisite: Maternal Figure
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Director’s CutEdit

  • Prerequisite: The Apple and the Tree
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Rescue MissionEdit

  • Prerequisite: Director’s Cut
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Beauty In The WildEdit

  • Prerequisite: Rescue Mission
  • Quest giver: Kelly


  • Prerequisite: ?
  • Quest giver: Kelly


  • Prerequisite: Aftershock
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Lost and foundEdit

  • Prerequisite: Footloose
  • Quest giver: Kelly


  • Prerequisite: Lost and found
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Tails of SuspenseEdit

  • Prerequisite: Predator
  • Quest giver: Kelly

A New FriendEdit

  • Prerequisite: Tails of Suspense
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Meet RosieEdit

  • Prerequisite: A New Friend
  • Quest giver: Kelly

A Friend In NeedEdit

  • Prerequisite: Meet Rosie
  • Quest giver: Kelly

It Had to Be YouEdit

  • Prerequisite: Level 80
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Opening Edit

Once you reach level 20, the Glacial Park is unlocked. The new park is located at the Glaciers of Patagonia. Hammond, Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wu have a conversation.

Afternoon TeaEdit

  • Character: Ian Malcolm
  • Prerequisite: Gain Glacier Park
  • Tasks:
    • Place 5 roads
    • Place a decoration

Paradise on IceEdit

The first mission of the Glacial Park. You learn how to send an expedition and collect new DNA. Because this is an exercise, the expedition does not take 9 hours to collect DNA. You also have to decode the DNA. The DNA codes for an Entelodon. It is not required to place the Entelodon in the park.

Happy MealsEdit

  • Prerequisite: Paradise on Ice
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Pre-flight CheckEdit

Crowd ControlEdit

Surface DetailsEdit

  • Prerequisite: Crowd Control
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Those Wonderful ToysEdit

  • Prerequisite: Surface Details
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Challenge AcceptedEdit

  • Prerequisite: Those Wonderful Toys
  • Quest giver: Ian Malcolm

Just My LuckEdit

Home On The RangeEdit

Up In The AirEdit


Embarrassment of RichesEdit

I'm on VacationEdit

  • Prerequisite: Embarrassment of Riches
  • Quest giver: Alan Grant

Lost and FoundEdit

  • Prerequisite: I'm on Vacation?
  • Quest giver: Alan Grant

Natural DefenceEdit

Conference CallEdit

  • Prerequisite: Happy Meals

Doctor's AppointmentEdit

  • Prerequisite: Natural Defense

This Modern AgeEdit

  • Prerequisite: Up In The Air
  • Quest giver: Kelly

Change of DietEdit

  • Prerequisite: Conference Call
  • Quest giver: John Hammond

Warm WelcomeEdit

  • Prerequisite: Change of Diet
  • Quest giver: John Hammond