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Chaos effect

Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect is a line of action figures produced by Kenner. They were released in June 1998, soon after The Lost World Series 2.


A few years after the events of The Lost World, some scientist went to one of the islands of Jurassic Park. While there, desperate to recreate the park's dinosaurs by completing the DNA sequence, they mixed the DNA of the dinosaurs with other species of dinosaurs and living animals today - resulting with the creations of aggressive and mostly dangerous mutants listed below.


An "*" means the figure was never released to the public.


  • Amargospinus Courtesy of
  • Ankyloranodon Courtesy of
  • Compstegnathus Courtesy of
  • Deinocanis Courtesy of
  • Deinonycanis Courtesy of
  • Omega Tyrannosaurus Rex Courtesy of
  • Pachysaurolophus Courtesy of
  • Paradeinonychus Courtesy of
  • Tanaconda Courtesy of
  • Velociraptoryx Courtesy of
  • Raptor Alpha Courtesy of
  • Thrasher Tyrannosaurus Rex Courtesy of
  • Tyrannops Courtesy of
  • Stegospinus Courtesy of
  • Ultimasaurus Courtesy of
  • Euoplocephalus Courtesy of
  • Triceratops Courtesy of



An "*" means the figure was never released to the public.

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