Jurassic Park Dinosaurs 2

Out of the blue Hasbro released this toy line mid 2004. With the exception of adding the visage of a fierce T.rex and ferocious Spinosaurus the JP Dinosaurs logo is easily recognizable - dubbing this line Jurassic Park Dinosaurs 2. These were produced strictly for KBToys and KBToy Outlet stores making them a bit more difficult to find.They were all repaints of Jurassic Park, TLW, and Jurassic Park III figures.

Dinosaur Two-PacksEdit

Tyrannosaurus rex & VelociraptorEdit


Tyrannosaurus rex & SpinosaurusEdit

Spinosaurus & StegosaurusEdit

Spinosaurus & VelociraptorEdit

Humans & DinosaursEdit

Dimetrodon With Military DiverEdit

JP Dino2 Dimetrodon2

Dimetrodon with "Military Diver"

The Dimetrodon is colored cyan with a green and brown line over its back. The legs are movable. On the picture at the back of the package, the creature has different colors. It is an overpaint of the Dimetrodon from Jurassic Park Series 1.

The human figure is a "Military Diver", he wears an all black suit, including black flippers, with an orange vest over it, as well as several green belts and silver highlights. His face is partially covered with breathing equipment. It is an overpaint of the Diver from Jurassic Park III (Hasbro).

For a complete description: Dimetrodon with Military Diver at JPToys.

Tyrannosaurus With Dino TrackerEdit

Velociraptor With Dino TrooperEdit

Triceratops With Dino WranglerEdit


Tyrannosaurus With Micro T-RexEdit

Brachiosaurus With Micro StegosaurusEdit

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Alpha PteranodonEdit

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