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Jurassic Park Dinosaurs 3

One year after the Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs 2 toy line was created, Hasbro released a 3rd series/wave during the summer of 2005. Even though this line only consisted of only Jurassic Park III repaints, fans were quite surprised by the appearance of a Baby Triceratops figure seen nowhere else.

Dinosaur Two-PacksEdit

Pteranodon & CompsognathusEdit

Velociraptor & StegosaurusEdit

Spinosaurus & Tyrannosaurus RexEdit

Tyrannosaurus Rex & TriceratopsEdit


Tyrannosaurus Rex With Micro TriceratopsEdit

Triceratops With Micro VelociraptorEdit

Velociraptor With Micro PteranodonEdit

Alpha PteranodonEdit

Ultra Tyrannosaurus RexEdit

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