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Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

The music of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis was writen by Stephan Schütze. It was Schütze's first opportunity to work with a real orchestra. It was recorded over two days in Melbourne at ABC's Southbank Studio. The music was performed beautifully by Melbourne Symphony conducted by Graham Abbott.[1]

Track listing Edit

Nr. Title Writer(s) Length
1. The dinosaur flyby Stephan Schütze 2:17
2. Sleeping dinosaurs Stephan Schütze 3:11
3. The Hunt Stephan Schütze 1:49
4. Dash Stephan Schütze 0:22
5. Safari Stephan Schütze 2:03
6. Twilight Stephan Schütze 3:20
7. Night creatures Stephan Schütze 4:04
8. The Chase Stephan Schütze 3:09
9. 2nd Hunt Stephan Schütze 2:11
10. In the park Stephan Schütze 3:53
11. Among the dinosaurs Stephan Schütze 3:38
12. Breakout Stephan Schütze 1:32
13. Storm front Stephan Schütze 1:33
14. The Brachiosaurs song Stephan Schütze 2:19
15. Tornado Stephan Schütze 2:05
16. Storm Stephan Schütze 1:25
17. Dusk after the storm Stephan Schütze 3:33
18. Break in the clouds Stephan Schütze 0:20

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