Jurassic Park: San Diego
BuiltBetween 1983 and 1997
LocationSan Diego
PurposeOriginal site of Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park: San Diego was an upcoming amphitheater zoo. The park was revealed in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Developed by John Hammond and taken over by Peter Ludlow, this new "Jurassic Park" was a zoo version than safari version on the island park but the animals would be in paddocks, and other attractions. A park similar to this called Jurassic Park: Europe was planned to be built on an island in the Azores.

The PlanEdit

Peter Ludlow's original plan was to capture animals off of Isla Sorna (Site B) and populate them in the new park. As seen in the sequel of the Jurassic Park film, his plan failed, resulting in the San Diego Incident. The park began construction shortly after John Hammond retired. Peter Ludlow went to Isla Sorna to capture dinosaurs for the park, but only captured a male Tyrannosaurus and his son.

Jurassic Park San Diego was not made by Peter Ludlow. Ludlow himself states that the Amphitheater was built by Hammond but was ultimately abandoned for a dream far grander and ultimately impossible (Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar).


Jurassic Park: San Diego planned to have 8 species of dinosaurs.

The San Diego incidentEdit


Main article: San Diego incident

The San Diego incident was the result of the new Jurassic Park. Ludlow and his team captured an adult male Tyrannosaurus and an infant. When the S.S. Venture got shipwrecked, the male T. rex broke out, and rampaged around the city, searching for its offspring, leading to many human deaths, and property damage.


Ian Malcolm was thought to be crazy, after publishing a book based on the Isla Nublar Incident. No one believed the thought of cloned dinosaurs. Following the San Diego Incident, the public now knows the existence of cloned dinosaurs on The Five Deaths. Due to this, Isla Sorna was turned into a natural preserve, making it illegal for any humans to be on the island. In Jurassic Park III, an illegal boat ride, the Dino-Soar, toured Isla Sorna, now that the public knows of the island. It is unknown what happened later to Jurassic Park: San Diego, but it's likely that the park is abandoned or deconstructed.

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