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JP Carnotaurus

Jurassic Park: Series 2 Carnotaurus

The Jurassic Park: Series 2 Carnotaurus is a dinosaur figure from the second toyline of the original Jurassic Park film. It is easily the most famous and recognizable Carnotaurus figure released for any Jurassic Park toyline. It is dark grey, with red stripes along its neck, back, and tail. Its tail is slightly too short, and its arms too long compared to real-life Carnotaurs, but its overall size compared to the human figures of this line is more-or-less accurate. Furthermore, its box-shaped skull and ridges over the eyes make it clearly recognizable as a Carnotaur. It comes with Attacking Jaws, which can be activated by squeezing the neck. These jaws can easily trap human and smaller dinosaur figures. It has a Dino Damage wound, probably from a fight with another Carnotaurus or maybe a Baryonyx or Young T-Rex of the same toy line. It also comes with Capture Gear, since obviously no one would want this fearsome beastie on the loose. It is one of the rarest and most expensive of the JP Series 2 dinosaur figures.

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