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This article lists all episodes of Jurassic Park: The Game.

Jurassic Park Episode 1: The IntruderEdit



Welcome to Jurassic ParkEdit

The DocksEdit

Jungle HackEdit

Nedry's ClearingEdit

Dilo EncounterEdit

Road Collision!Edit

Gate CrashersEdit

Triceratops TroubleEdit

Back on TrackEdit

The Visitor CenterEdit

T. rex Showdown!Edit

Jurassic Park Episode 2: The CavalryEdit


Flyover Edit

Bravo Team Edit

Jungle Hike Edit

Chopper Down! Edit

Dilo Fight! Edit

Under Construction Edit

The Ride Edit

Sorkin's Lab Edit

The Parasaur Enclosure Edit

Chopper Escape! Edit

Water Treatment Edit

Jurassic Park Episode 3: The DepthsEdit

To the Tunnels!

They Open Doors Edit

Did You Hear That? Edit

The Argument Edit

T Rex Chase Edit

Stalking the Stalkers Edit

Get the Canister! Edit

Name That Tune Edit

Raptor Chase Edit

Power Plant Edit

The Nest Edit

Jurassic Park Episode 4: The SurvivorsEdit


Trust Issues Edit

Home Invasion Edit

The Final Intersection Edit

Separated! Edit

Bygones Edit

The Marine Facility Edit

Ethics, Part 1 Edit

Ethics, Part 2 Edit

The Swim Edit

Fight to the Death Edit

Old Friends Edit

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