Jurassic Park: The True Story is a documentary film created by The History Channel in 2012.[1] The film covers the scientific background of the cloning of dinosaurs and the dinosaurs that appear in Jurassic Park. Among the interviewed scientists are Jack Horner, Robert Bakker, Mary Schweitzer, George Poinar and Lee Silver.

The film was an episode of History's The True Story series that covers the scientific background of 15 popular movies.

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Jurassic Park tells the story of billionaire John Hammond creating a theme park where the main attractions are dinosaurs. He invites Alan Grant, an eminent palaeontologist, and other scientists to the island to share his vision. They are in awe of what he has achieved, but things go wrong when there is a security breach and the dinosaurs escape. The visitors become the hunted as the dinosaurs pick off the visitors one by one. Finally, the remaining four survivors make a desperate escape from the island via helicopter.

This documentary reveals the science behind Jurassic Park is based on rigorous scientific research and that the key character at the centre of the film is inspired by a real life individual. The vision of how dinosaurs could be bought back to life has now been shown to be impossible. But this documentary will feature recent remarkable breakthroughs in biology that would allow dinosaurs to walk again. Using cutting edge evolutionary biology, scientists are getting closer to bringing the dinosaur back to life.

With extensive location filming, expert interviews, forensic science and drama recon we bring the real story of Jurassic Park to life.

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Jurassic Park The True Story

Jurassic Park The True Story


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