This list contains all voice and text files in the Jurassic Park: Trespasser game. This is the BETA list created by Hilwo from

Voice-over list Edit

Nr. Title Who Voice-over Level
189. VA1 Anne Oh, god. This can't be happening. We hit the water like... Marquiz? Marquiz! Where am I? UNUSED
190. VA2 Anne It is beautiful here, must be one of the offshore islands. Cocos, one of the Cinco Muertes, maybe. Beach
N/A VA3 Anne Something man-made used to be here. N/A
191. VA4 Anne A foundation, maybe. Beach
192. VA5 Anne Dear diary. Plane has crashed on deserted island. Will die a lonely death. Well, I gotta go. Anne. UNUSED
193. VA6 Anne InGen. Some kind of... wait. International Genetic Technologies. Beach
194. VA7 Anne That was the company from the dinosaur trial. After the trial that old guy, John Hammond wrote a book. He said it was somewhere in Central America. Beach
195. VA8 Anne Oh, no. Oh, god. This is Site B. This is John Hammond's lost world. Beach
196. VA9 Anne I knew all along this was a stupid idea. Beach
197. VA10 Anne There must've been something in the memoir. Beach
198. VA11 Anne Hammond, right. UNUSED
199. VA12 Anne Oh god, something like thirty people died here. Professional hunter types, mercenaries... UNUSED
200. VA13 Anne Maybe... maybe if there's a phone line or a radio... InGen Town
201. VA14 Anne "No trespassing." Thanks. Beach
202. VA15 Anne Oh god, someone's gotta come get me. Beach
2. VA16 Anne Welcome to the City of Tomorrow. Beach
3. VA17 Anne This was the place! This used to be just an urban myth. Beach
4. VA18 Anne Who do they think they're keeping out? UNUSED
5. VA19 Anne I wonder what they left here? UNUSED
203. VA20 Anne Try "weird psycho old guy". Jungle Road
6. VA21 Anne I was a freshman when they had the first rumors. We watched it on the TV news in the common room, drinking cocoa from the kitchen. I said it would be nothing... just another cold fusion. UNUSED
7. VA22 Anne This has to go somewhere... Jungle Road
204. VA23 Anne Yeah, yeah, bill me. UNUSED
8. VA24 Anne No dinosaurs in here... I guess this was just construction. The real facility could be miles away. Jungle Road
205. VA25 Anne Damnit! Oh god... okay, calm down. UNUSED
9. VA26 Anne A phone, oh thank god. Jungle Road
206. VA27 Anne Shut up! UNUSED
207. VA28 Anne Phone! Die! UNUSED
10. VA29 Anne This is like hiking in the woods behind my house. We used to pretend we were on a spy mission. Jungle Road
11. VA30 Anne Three toes. UNUSED
12. VA31 Anne Looks like it ran off the trail for some reason. TestScene

Sources Edit

Beta Voiceover List, TresCom. the list is used with permission of its creator Hilwo.