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Jurassic Park 2011 (also known as JP 2K11) was a planned Jurassic Park toyline scheduled for release in 2011. The entire line was cancelled for unknown reasons most likley for lack of funding, and was going to feature Jurassic Park themed G.I.Joe-type action figures and vehicles, making some fans refer to the latter as "Jurassic Joes". This line was also going to feature the first four new dinosaur molds made in ten years such as Allosaurus, Carnotaurus ,Pachyrhinosaurus , and Stegosaurus. The Allosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus figures were released two years later in the Jurassic Park 3D toyline. The Stegosaurus was planned for the 3D toyline, but has yet to be released. The rest remain unreleased, though it is possible that they will appear in a future line of some sort.


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