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Jurassic Park 2K9 (also known as JP 2009) is a toy line released in 2009 by Hasbro. It featured retooled repaints such as Battle Growlers and even a retooled Bull T-Rex. It is exclusive to Toys R Us and has been discontinued as of 2011.

The main toy of the series was a repainted/Retooled Bull T-Rex that was very different from its previous versions; it has moveable legs and feet, 10 movie-accurate sounds, and stomping sound effects. Unlike the previous versions, it cannot swallow figures completely and it does not have the slit in the stomach. The legs, arms and body were made of a hard plastic (possibly to house the electronics better) , while the head and tail were made of a softer plastic. It also had a very bright color scheme, predominantly orange, with some grey and black stripes mixed in.

Dinosaur vs. PacksEdit

Spinosaurus vs. VelociraptorEdit

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. SpinosaurusEdit

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. TriceratopsEdit

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. VelociraptorEdit

Humans vs. Dinosaur PacksEdit

Forest Hunter General vs. Tyrannosaurus RexEdit

Dino Glide Billy Brennan vs. PteranodonEdit

Dino Diver vs. SpinosaurusEdit

Desert Tracker Alan Grant vs. VelociraptorEdit


Tyrannosaurus RexEdit





Draft lens8551441module74283851photo 1260877073jurassic-park-toys-tricer
The New Bull

The retooled Bull T-Rex

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