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In 2013 Universal struck a new deal with the toy company Hasbro to create new Jurassic Park merchandises for the release of Jurassic Park 3D.[1] This series saw the release of two new dinosaurs that were previously unreleased in 2011, and also re-released some of the 2009 toys.

Dinosaurs Edit

Pachyrhinosaurus ClashEdit

This set contains Pachyrhinosaurus with Gunner Gordon: A mecenary who specializes in heavy weaponry.[2]

Allosaurus Assault Edit


"Allosaurus Assult" by Hasbro Toys.

This set contains Allosaurus (With articulated limbs and Dino-Damage), and Ash Skullstriker: A mercenary with skills in archery and martial arts (according to the packaging).

References Edit

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  2. Jhayk' Sulliy: With permission from the people at, I am allowed to repost 5 images of the Pachyrhinosaurus from the new Jurassic Park: 3D toy line, so here they are! More images can be found here. (free registration might be required to view)

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