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Timeline of the Jurassic Park Franchise:

1945 Edit


  • 23 John Michael Crichton is born. An American author, film producer, film director, medical doctor, and television producer best known for his science fiction and techno-thriller novels, films, and television programs. His books have sold over 150 million copies worldwide.

1989 Edit

Michael Crichton is working on the first Jurassic Park novel.

1990 Edit


November Edit

  • Publication of the Jurassic Park novel written by Michael Crichton. Paleontologist Alan Grant and his paleobotanist graduate student Ellie Sattler are abruptly whisked away by billionaire John Hammond (founder and CEO of International Genetic Technologies, or InGen) for a weekend visit to a "biological preserve" he has established on an island 120 miles west off the coast of Costa Rica.

1993 Edit

June Edit

  • 11, Release of the Jurassic Park movie. The story involves scientists visiting an amusement park of genetically engineered dinosaurs on an island over one weekend. Sabotage sets the carnivorous dinosaurs on the loose, and the technicians and visitors attempt to escape the island. The film stars Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Richard Attenborough.
  • Release of Jurassic Park (NES) game. Based on the film and novel of the same name for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The object of the game is to survive in the park where the dinosaurs have escaped. The player take the role of main character Dr. Alan Grant., He is trapped on an island that is a dinosaur amusement park. The power has been knocked out and the dinosaurs are roaming free. The player's goal is to protect the parks' owner, John Hammond, grandchildren Lex and Tim and completing a series of missions that will eventually lead to him escaping the island without being eaten.


  • 26, Release of Jurassic Park: Sega game. This game differs greatly from other Jurassic Park games. It is a point-and-click adventure game, with a strong emphasis on action sequences which require split-second timing, it also had a real time 12 hour time limit. The story takes place after the events of the movie/book. You are sent back to Jurassic Park to retrieve dinosaur eggs from around the park and put them in an incubator.
  • 27, Release of Jurassic Park: Sega Genesis game. The game was playable as either Dr. Alan Grant, or one of the film's versions of a Velociraptor. Grant is the default character and must be changed using the 'Player' option on the game's main menu.


  • Release of Jurassic ParkL SNES game. In the game you play as Dr. Alan Grant and try to complete all of the objectives such as rebooting the system, collecting ID badges for getting through certain doors, or stealing eggs.


  • Release of Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues game. It is a non-canonical continuation of the SNES game Jurassic Park. The plot is loosely based on the novel The Lost World. The game predicts that faith in the Jurassic Park concept is undiminished after the first game's events, and that InGen intends to reestablish control.


  • 4 - Jurassic Park released on VHS

1995 Edit


"Dino" MayEdit

  • 7 - Jurassic Park aired for the first time on network television (NBC).[1]


  • The Lost World Novel written by Michael Crichton is the sequel to the best seller Jurassc Park was published. Six years after surviving the disaster on Jurassic Park, eccentric mathematician Ian Malcolm and spoiled, rich genius Richard Levine are researching InGen's mysterious Site B, and its exact location, after learning of its existence. Site B, an island named Isla Sorna, was the secret "production factory" for Jurassic Park, where dinosaur stock were hatched and grown, before shipment to Isla Nublar.















2010 Edit

August Edit







2013 Edit





  1. Late Night with Conan O'Brien, episode May 5, 1995.

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