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Jurassic Park III: Park Builder





Release date

August 9, 2001 (JP)
September 10, 2001 (NA)
October 12, 2001 (PAL)


Construction and Management Simulation

Game modes



Game Boy Advance





Jurassic Park III: Park Builder is a Game-Boy Advanced game released on September 10, 2001. The game is similar to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, but you can make more dinosaurs in the game. The game is rated "E" for everyone. It was developed by Konami.


Jurassic Park 3 Park Builder - Intro00:31

Jurassic Park 3 Park Builder - Intro

Jurassic Park III: Park Builder Intro

“Clearly, the folks who built the original park were guilty of a few oversights. Think you can do any better? Try your hand at plotting out all of the details of the creation and management of a dinosaur park in Jurassic Park III: Park Builder. A strategy-simulation title of the highest caliber, the game leaves you in charge of 100 dinosaur species, you have the task of placing them and maintaining their health.

Of course, there's also the matter of the restaurants, shops, rides, and other attractions. If the park you create is too boring, poorly maintained, or excessively expensive, no one will show up, so you'd better use some seriously discerning judgment.

In addition to managing the park, you'll have to pick up DNA strands from throughout the park to create new dinosaurs to keep the people coming back. Does it sound like too much to handle? Just wait until one of your prehistoric pals escapes on opening day…”

Concept of the Game

What you do is build a park of dinosaurs and allow people in to see them. By searching for the dinosaur DNA, you can clone dinosaurs. Once the DNA is complete, you must put the animals in a pen. You can make paths and car trails, as well as Food Stands, stores and tours. You have a time limit of 20 years.

If one of your dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus breaks out of their exhibit, you can lose money and if you lose too much money, it's Game Over. The whole concept is similar to that of the popular video game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis; create a successful park, gain and maintain happy visitors, and contain your dinosaurs.

Images of the Jurassic Park

Dinosaur list

Carnivore Ones Carnivore Twos Carnivore Threes
Herbivore Ones Herbivore Twos Herbivore Threes


  • This game has the most dinosaurs out of all the JP games, along with many non-dinosaurian creatures.
  • Peculiarly, all dinosaurs in the game seem to use the same models. For example, all Carnivore Ones use the models of either Compsognathus, Anurognathus, Ichthyosaurus, or Mesolimulus. The game makers probably did not have the budget for visible differences between the species. The only way to tell what the game intended the dinosaurs to look like is by going through the Illustrations mode.
  • Jurassic Park: Builder is very similar to Park Builder.

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