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Front cover.

Jurassic Park III: The Spinosaurus Chase is a board game based on the third film, produced by Hasbro and Milton Bradley. It is one of two Jurassic Park III-based board games.


The object of the game is to get your pawn from its start space to the "Final Escape" space while avoiding the pursuing Spinosaurus. Movement is handled through rounds of card play during which cards are played and then reacted to in order to eliminate all the cards in your hand. Dinosaur cards have values ranging from 1-5 while escape cards have values ranging from +1 to +3. In order to play a dinosaur atop another dinosaur, it must be greater in value than the preceding card. Escape cards may be played on any dinosaur and these also allow you to play an additional dinosaur card.

Once someone has gone out, movement on the board (of players and the Spinosaurus) is based upon the last played card.

If the Spinosaurus lands on your pawn, you are knocked back (not eliminated).

First pawn/player to reach the Final Escape space wins.