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Jurassic Park III Deleted Scenes

Ellie and Grant ExtendedEdit


A scene that many fans feel should have been kept was a longer goodbye between Alan and Ellie. There was also another scene in the dining room where Jack the Parrot responds with "Bullshit!" when Ellie and Alan are discussing the Velociraptor pack communication theory.

Extended DepartureEdit


This scene was in the movie trailers for JP3. It was the plane taking off at sunset possibly from Montana to go to California for the Kirby's staging to proceed to go to Isla Sorna.

Extended Spinosaurus versus TyrannosaurusEdit

These scenes mostly consisted the animatronic Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus sizing each other up to fight, mostly roars and growls and then finally a slap across the face from the Spinosaur to the T.rex. This scene was seen in the trailer. 

"You should come look at this!"Edit


Another scene from the trailer and it's generally considered to be an alternate take of Paul yelling for Grant. Not really a cutscene, but there are two perspectives for this scene now.

Extended EmbryonicsEdit


As Dr. Grant, the Kirby's, Billy Brennan, and Udesky go into the Embryonics Administration these scenes were supposed to extend it likely to be longer showing a bit more depth and how large the structure was, as well as the weapons from the first film. It's unfortunate these 


scenes got cut as they would've touched on the  approach of Isla Sorna being a research facility.

Udesky versus the RaptorsEdit


Udesky, in a cutscene, gets brave and uses a stick to hit the Velociraptors, but of course the Velociraptors overpower him and injure him. This scene would have been one of the best to include in this film, but was unfortunately dropped.

Ankylosaurus CrossingEdit


An uncompleted effects shot for the awe effect of the Dinosaurs along the River Bank scene. These Ankylosaurus were going to be crossing the river in front of the InGen Barge. Overall a neat scene fans wish also was included.

Spinosaurus EmergenceEdit


Takes a bit of surprise away from the way the Spinosaurus emerges in the final film, but this scene was an awesome effects shot. Another scene that was cut around this time was Paul Kirby's line of him "can't help from feeling a little bit offended" when the Ceratosaurus sniffed them after every body in the group dug through piles of Spinosaurus droppings for the satellite phone.

Paul & Amanda RekindledEdit


This scene was believed to show Paul and Amanda considering getting re-married for Eric as he brought them together. Also around this scene there was supposed to be a conflict with the Pteranodons and the Velociraptors. According to an early script during this time of the film the speed boat incident's cause in the beginning was revealed to be the fault of the aggressive Pteranodons. (This was likely cut because the Pteranodons were locked up in the aviary at the time.) Grant also thanks Ellie for sending the rescue at the end of the scene, but this was also cut.

Velociraptor versus PteranodonsEdit

Actor Sam Neill said himself in an interview that there would be a sequence where a Velociraptor "interacts" with the Pteranodons. Rumors has it that they would supposedly fight but again, the scene never made it to the final product.

The Death of Ben HildebrandEdit

According to the official shooting script, we should've seen Ben Hildebrand attacked and killed by a pack of Velociraptors. Also, Eric films the Raptors as they race back into the dark jungle.

The Death of NashEdit

Nash was originally going to die by a Velociraptor attack. According to the official shooting script, Nash stands up to a Raptor and gets killed. However in the Final Movie it is Udesky who is the one killed by the raptors

The Death of UdeskyEdit

Originally Udesky (Ordesky, according to the official shooting script) was supposed to have been killed by the Spinosaurus and the others watch as this happens. However the role was given to Nash instead.

Velociraptor versus AnkylosaurusEdit

At one point, a scene was planned involving the Ankylosaurs battling against the Velociraptors. 

Paul and Amanda KirbyEdit

There is a lot of dialogue removed between Paul and Amanda including one particular scene where the two argue over who gets custody over Eric.

Giving of the EggsEdit

Originally only Grant and Eric give the stolen eggs back to the Velociraptor pack.

Fresh PrintsEdit

According to the official shooting script, there was supposed to have been a scene where Eric is in the compound and notices freshly made foot prints.

Alternate EndingsEdit

Two different versions exist in script format where the Pteranodons attempt to attack the group while inside (and another outside) the rescue helicopters, falsely assuming they are a predator. Another variation of the ending in the original script had the Spinosaurus being killed off by a pack of Velociraptor after it attacks the group on the raft. Another alternate ending was of the spinosaurus attack the marine/navy after the group had left, but was taken out because of pacing.

The BaryonyxEdit

Baryonyx (a close relative of Spinosaurus, but smaller and without the sail on its back) was considered in place of the Spinosaurus, during early pre-production phase. Then the Spinosaurus was ultimately chosen, both for being bigger and more impressive with such a sail.

Udesky's fallEdit

When Udesky threw off his backpack and fled into the forest he fell. Then he got up and heard the raptors. It was taken out because of pacing.

Coat HangerEdit

When the crew entered the lab, Paul was supposed to see a broken coat hanger. It was taken out because of pacing.


In the beginning of the movie there was supposed to be an Egyptian paleontologist, in Egypt, digging up a Spinosaurus tooth. This scene was likely removed for being insignificant to the film's plot.

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