JPIII Prop Raptor Egg

This Jurassic Park III Prop Set is a set of collectibles from Jurassic Park III. It includes a Raptor Egg, Light on Isla Sorna, a Map of Isla Sorna, an original Picture of Dr. Grant autographed by Sam Neill and a DVD box set of Jurassic Park III. The Map, Light and picture are mounted on a background frame. An engraved display plaques with each prop.

Raptor Egg Edit


Raptor egg in JPIII

The original screen-used Raptor egg from Jurassic Park III. The egg was made by Brad Einhorn and his crew. The prop is about 14.5 cm long and appears to be a hard solid construction and painted; it is UV marked for identification. The egg is placed in nest of grass in a glassbox made of plexiglass, this glassbox can be opened. With this prop also belongs an engraved display plaque.


Light on Isla SornaEdit

This is a lamp, which is meant to be an allusion to the InGen Compound on Isla Sorna.

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Map of Isla Sorna Edit

The engraved display plaque of this prop calls it the "Original Prop MAP OF ISLA SORNA", but it's clear this map shows all of The Five Deaths.

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Picture of Dr. Grant Edit

This is an original 8x10 black & white picture of Alan Grant from Universal Pictures. The picture is autographed by Sam Neill with a blue marker. The picture is placed in an acid-free case.

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Background frame Edit


The Background frame, on which the Light, Map and Picture are mounted, is a metal frame. Around the frame there is movie prop "BARB WIRE" that is made of a soft rubber material.

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