The Jurassic Park Official Souvenir Magazine was a magazine published by Topps in 1993. It featured information about the film Jurassic Park, such as how it was made, the plot, and the film's dinosaurs. The end of the magazine also features advertisements for the Jurassic Park Topps trading cards and the the comic adapatation of the film with a preview of the first issue of the comic series. Along with photos from the film and its production, the magazine also featured dinosaur skeletals created by paleoartist Gregory S. Paul, who was involved in the pre-production of the film, and paintings by Brian Franczak, who was for responsible the artwork on the Kenner cards[1] and whose paintings were also featured in the gift edition of the Jurassic Park novel.[2]


  • In the section "You are Face to Face with a Giant Killer!! Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!" the height of Tyrannosaurus rex is given as 20 ft (p. 28) but in the "Dino Close-Up" for the same animal, its height is given as 25 ft. (p. 39)
  • It is stated that Parasaurolophus was cut from the film, even though a herd appears inside the Brachiosaurus Enclosure in the film living alongside Brachiosaurus. (p. 36)
  • The magazine states that Dennis Nedry throw a rock at the Dilophosaurus when in the film he throws a stick instead. (p. 40)

Notes and referencesEdit

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