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In the opening to Jurassic Park, Robert Muldoon and other workers, including gatekeeper Jophery Brown, are attempting to transfer a Velociraptor, presumably the Big One, to it's holding pen. With the container in place, Jophery climbs up on top of the container and proceeds to raise the gate to allow the raptor to get into the pen. But it goes horribly wrong when the raptor charges, pushing the container away from the entrance to the pen. Jophery falls off, but his legs are in the container with the animal. The Velociraptor begins to attack Jophery, mauling him. While Muldoon tries to keep a grip on him, the other workers shoot and electrocute the raptor. Muldoon continues to shout "Shoot her!" as Jophery's hands slips out of Muldoon's grip.

Jophery's death is what led to investors believing the park was unsafe, and thus a paleontologist, a paleobotanist, a mathematician and a lawyer tour the park in hopes of endorsing it.

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