The T. rex from Kenner

The Electronic Tyrannosaurus rex is the biggest toy to be released in the first toyline series of Jurassic Park. It is based on Roberta from the film.


This Tyrannosaur, like all the other larger dinosaur toys in both original and following lines has a realistic rubbery skin on most of his body parts, like the animatronic Roberta from the film, but its limbs and mouth are made from plastic. Its sculpt and details are very film-accurate. However, its paintjob is not as accurate, as the fact that its most prevalent color is reddish as opposed to the film's more brownish Tyrannosaurus.

Articulation and FeaturesEdit

  • Electronic Roars: if the player squeezes the shoulders of the toy, it'll open its jaws and make a loud electronic roar. The roar does not match the one heard in Jurassic Park
  • Stomping Sounds: if the player stomps the T. rex on a flat surface then it'll make a stomping noise that, unlike the roar, is film-accurate. 
  • Moveable arms: the arms of the toy are poseable and can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • Realistic Dinosaur Skin: the body of the toy is made from a rubbery material that has a realistic reptilian feel and can be posed in many positions.
  • Movie collective card: a card featuring situations and a piece of dinosaur trivia.


  • This toy is the only large dinosaur toy in the series that does not have the Removable Dino-Damage Wound feature. 
  • This toy's electronic features later inspired the  Stomp-and-Strike Tyrannosaurus figure from the Jurassic World line.
  • This toy alongside the thrasher T. rex also inspired the Thrash-and -throw T. rex figure from Jurassic world the Mattel toy line.