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Edit rewards

Date: 2014-04-04
Author: BastionMonk

Primal Carnage Outnumbered
BastionMonkAdded by BastionMonk

This wiki still needs a lot of work. However, most new users only add categories, speculation or deduntant statements. Still, I like to believe that those people are real Jurassic Park fans I would love to help us if they knew what to do and were better motivated. How do we manage that?

I think a bagde system that would check for quality would certainly help improving our users performance. Rewards are the main reason people play Facebook games, or keep replaying games to finally get that last rewards. However, such a system can only be maintained manually by the admins.

I would like to know what you think about this idea in general, and what kind of badges you would like to see. Please respond here!

Happy Halloween

Date: 2013-10-31
Author: BastionMonk

Being hunted
BastionMonkAdded by BastionMonk

Happy Halloween (or Samhain) everyone! Halloween is a perfect holiday to celebrate in Jurassic Park style. I don't know if any of you is so hardcore JP that you own dinosaur costumes to care people, but just I hope you will all have fun tonight. Thanks JPBuilder for all the nice Halloween styled JP artwork! I hope that next year this wiki will join the Wikia's Halloween Costume Contest. A lot of users give their wiki a holiday-themed makeover by adding a custom skin (one that captures not only the spirit of Halloween, but the fun/theme/uniqueness of your particular community), a seasonal Word mark, giving every element on your home page a spooky “feel”.

If you've got ideas to do this, let us know here.

Appointment of a new Bureaucrat

Date: 2013-07-07
Author: User:John Alfred Hammond, CEO

As many of you know, the extremely active user BastionMonk has been the Jurassic Park wiki's Bureaucrat for years now, running this wiki almost single handedly, with the exception of a few Administrators. I joined this wiki in February, editing for a few months until I was made an Administrator as well. Now, I am at BastionMonk's full support in running the wiki as your new Bureaucrat. A word to those of you on the wiki, we could use your help with some things: Help us get more people here! In my time here, I've noticed there are not enough editors that truly know canon-from-canon, fan-made from real, etc. If you have other friends interested in Jurassic Park, help them with making a profile. We'd love to have them! Now, we've spared no expense in trying to maintain the pages from vandals, so if you want to help out more, let us know! Thank you all, and I look forward to the helping lead this wiki.
-John Alfred Hammond, Bureaucrat & CEO

Jurassic Park is 20 years old today


Date: 2013-06-11
Author: Styracosaurus Rider

Today, the first Jurassic Park film celebrates its 20th anniversary! Besides earning the title of highest-grossing film ever at the time, it also influenced the future development of CGI technology that would grace our screens in countless movies since, brought the science of paleontology to an entirely new generation, and created one of the most passionate fandoms in the world. The movie's impact is definitely still being felt today, and I sincerely doubt that the worlds of science and entertainment would be where they are right now without Jurassic Park. Maybe I'm biased, but nonetheless we all owe a huge debt to Michael Crichton, Steven Spielberg, Stan Winston, and everyone else who contributed to the film's genesis.

Happy birthday Jurassic Park!

More colors in Jurassic Park IV

Content jurassic-park-spitter-blog-6

Date: 2013-04-01
Author: MismeretMonk

I saw a recent article from the Los Angeles Times featuring Jack Horner.

The article quotes Horner about what he thinks about movie dinosaurs:

Movie dinosaurs aren't nearly as glamorous as 
real ones, which were brightly colored. 
Steven has made the point several times to me 
that colorful dinosaurs are not very scary. 
Gray and brown and black are more scary. 
I worked on the television series Terra Nova 
with Steven as well, and he did get some color 
into some of those.

Horner also got some more color in the Jurassic Park III dinosaurs. In JP and TLW all dinosaurs are grey/brown (at least to the untrained eye). In JP3 all dinosaurs, and particularly the raptors have a lot of colors. If I compare the JP and TLW dinos to the JP3 dinos, they look downright boring.

If Horner could choose, the Jurassic Park IV dinosaurs have even more colors:

So I think by ['Jurassic Park] IV,' we'll have a little more colorful animals.

Say what you think about it in this blog post.

No feathers in Jurassic Park IV

Nicoraptor 001

Date: 2013-03-20
Author: MismeretMonk

Colin Trevorrow finally revealed something about Jurassic Park IV. He wrote on twitter:

No feathers. #JP4

This probably means we won't see (more realistic) Raptors covered with feathers, as we saw in Terra Nova. Are you upset or relieved now?

Tell us what you think over here.

Colin Trevorrow will direct Jurassic Park IV

Colin Trevorrow
BastionMonkAdded by BastionMonk

Date: 2013-01-13
Author: MismeretMonk

Deadline announced yesterday that Colin Trevorrow will direct Jurassic Park IV. Patrick Crowley & Frank Marshall will serve as producers.

This puts and end to all hope of fans that wanted Steven Spielberg to direct JP4 (see this speculation of Screenrant).

Let us hope that Trevorrow is the right man for the job.

Tell us what you think about it here.

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