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A box set (sometimes referred to as a boxed set) is a compilation of various musical recordings, films, television programs, or other collection of related items that are contained in a box. Many box sets of the film Jurassic Park have been released.

Letter VHS box Edit


Jurassic Park letter box

Jurassic Park VHS Promo Video15:06

Jurassic Park VHS Promo Video

Jurassic Park fossil box Edit

see Fossil VHS box

Fossil box

Jurassic Park fossil box

A black plastic video box which looks like a plaque of slate stone containing fossils on both sides. The box also contained a small booklet containing the notes of a visitor of the park.

Fossil Booklet 1

Jurassic Park booklet.

Jurassic Park: DNA case Edit

Jurassic Park DNA case

Jurassic Park: DNA case

A silver plastic DNA brief case containing:

The video



Security pass


Security Pass (front)


Security Pass (back)


The booklet contains a short introduction to DNA and it's impact on the understanding of evolution.

It contains a list of dinosaurs with a short description:

Widescreen Collector's Edition Edit


Widescreen Collector's Edition

Blu-Ray Edit

Universal Studios 100th Year Anniversary Edition Edit

Uni jurassic

100th anniversary edition

When Universal Studios celebrated its 100 yeast anniversary it released some of their best movies on Blu-ray with new cover art. Jurassic Park was among them.

If a smartphone films the cover of the box, an augmented reality requence appears. A part of the famous T. rex Rescue Scene is show.

Jurassic Park Blu Ray Universal 100th Anniversary Augmented Edition05:25

Jurassic Park Blu Ray Universal 100th Anniversary Augmented Edition

Augmented Reality

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