From time to time people ask about how this wiki started etc. Therefore this page is made.



Master Cheif was most likely the user who started this wiki at July 5, 2006. His/her userpage is long abandoned, so we'll never know anything about his/her character or what he/she was thinking when he made this site. He/she created the first few articles, he made 56 edits. His last edit was made at 19:45, August 1, 2006. After that he/she disappreared into oblivion.

Master Cheif never appointed any Administrators, so the wiki Park Pedia was ruled by chaos.


On January 20, 2007 User:Vinny2 joined the wiki. Vinny would really make a difference. He has made 1,367 constructive edits. He noted very soon this wiki was leaderless, so he volunteered. On April 21 Sannse (from Wikia) gave him Admin rights. With this new power he could make bigger changes to Park Pedia.


ZEM became a user at Park Pedia on November 27, 2008. ZEM would make 465 good and constructive edits.



By the start of 2009 Vinny2 was not very active on Park Pedia anymore. He would later write: "I haven't made any edits in a long time because I have other websites that are a priority for me." ZEM "promised" to take care of the wiki. But to make ZEM an admin, Vinny2 needed more rights. Therefore, on January 29, 2009 Uberfuzzy (from Wikia) made him Bureaucrat. With his new rights Vinny2 made ZEM an admin on February 2, 2009; because "He's promised to help".

On April 26, My Name Is Tom joined the wiki. He would be the most active user the wiki had seen until recently, with Animalman57. Tom wanted to change the wiki's layout fundamentally. But to do this, Tom had to be an admin, and ZEM had no rights to make Tom an admin. Vinny2 had left Park Pedia, therefore they had to ask Wikia again. CatherineMuno (from Wikia) gave ZEM Bureaucrat rights on May 19. On May 22 ZEM made Tom administrator, "Per great work on wiki."


ZEM became inactive and was no longer into Jurassic Park. At July 7 2010 he made the more active user MismeretMonk an admin and bureaucrat. Later that year (October 15) he left this wiki and retired from adminship.


Over the next seven years, Mismeretmonk(later named Bastionmonk), appointed new administrators, such as CrashBash. Along with the help of CrashBash, Collector1, and others, he kept the wiki growing. Eventually however, Collector1 left the wiki and has never returned, and slowly, Bastionmonk became less and less active. Eventually, on the 10th of April 2018, he announced his resignation, saying he would appoint CrashBash as a Bureaucrat. Along with this, several other members requested to become admins, but this never came to fruition. CrashBash as well Stayed and Admin for a period of time. CrashBash then appointed Animalman57 as a discussions moderator. The wiki remained like this for a while, with only two admins keeping the site running. Then, on the 28th of July, user Carnotaur, requested bureaucrat and admin rights to help the Wiki. Of course he did not contribute enough to be granted the rights. After his attempt failed, CrashBash himself stopped waiting for Bastionmonk to give him his Bureaucrat rights, after it being recommended to him, and had it requested. However as if by Magic, Bastionmonk came back to the wiki, and apointed CrashBash as a bureaucrat. Later on, CrashBash appointed Animalman57 as a new Admin. Afterwards, Carnotaur came to CrashBash, and asked him for the requirements of becoming a discussions and chat moderator. CrashBash gave Carnotaur the rights.

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